About the Artist

Elizabeth Grace, a self-taught visual artist from St. Louis, finds peace and refuge from the chaos of life through her passion for art. While usually very energetic and tumultuous, the flow state of making art provides her a place of comfort and focus.

Driven by a belief in Nietzsche’s “will to power” and the pursuit of happiness, she is transitioning from a corporate career to fully embrace art. Elizabeth’s art philosophy, inspired by Richard Schmid, celebrates the joy of creation and the connections formed through sharing art.

Elizabeth specializes in pastel paintings. Her work leans towards a realistic style, while still striving to have the ‘painterly’ look. She works to achieve this through exploration of color and a focus on intricate details within each painting. Her art shows a deep love for the beauty and mystery of the animal world. Inspired by real and imagined creatures, her meticulously detailed artworks invite viewers to appreciate the charm of living creatures.

Elizabeth particularly enjoys creating large artworks that transport viewers into worlds of beauty. She creates artworks for individual clients, gallery shows, charities, live demonstrations, and for her personal joy.

If you would like to get in contact regarding potential artwork, please check out the commission request page, or email her directly at Commissions@ElizabethGrace.Art